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Images begin 1900
Grantor/Grantee back to 1935

Credit Card Use:
With the use of your credit card you can sign into RecordEASE and pay by search. Credit cards accepted are Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover and eChecks.

Convenience fees apply:
2.5% with a minimum of $1.50

Search fee is $0.50 per search.
View recorded documents $1.50 per document.
View tract card $5.00 per tract
View Certificate of Title (Torrens) $2.50

First time users will need to request a user name and password. You are responsible to remember the user name and password. The system will not hold your credit card information and must be entered each time you access the system.

A search result will only bring up to 100 results. If it states 100+ at the top of the results page you will need to enter additional search criteria. Example: enter date range and name or date range and legal etc.

Searching for Outlots. Please type Outlot and the number in the lot field. Example: Outlot 2. (DO NOT use the outlot search field when looking for a outlot.)

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